Demnate: Moroccos Hidden Gem

Morocco is one of the leading tourist destinations in North Africa. It is famous for its rich culture, which indicates European Berber and Arab influences. Every year, tourists converge in its major cities to enjoy its lovely sights and delight in its colorful markets where the noisy bartering and haggling seem endless, have a taste of its tasty dishes, and wander on its long beaches, tall mountains, and vast deserts where the stars appear within reach on clear nights.

But for travelers who have been to these cities many times, they have started to lose their appeal. But for those who dare to go beyond the usual tourist spots, unspoiled wonders await them.

Just one hour by bus from the city of Marrakech is Demnate, which is one of the oldest cities in Morocco. The city was once protected by a rampart made of mud brick. The wall had crumbled but inside the city, one can see the remains of structures where people of different faiths had worshipped such as a Jewish and Hamdouchi shrines.

This off-the-beaten-track travel destination in the heart of Morocco, makes an excellent side trip when on holiday in this wonderful North African country. When it comes to accommodation options, it’s probably best to stay in Marrakech and take a day trip to Denmate. There are some wonderful accommodation options in the top tourist destination, including self catering apartments, hotels and the traditional ryad guest houses. Unlike the tourist hotspots in European countries like the United Kingdom, France and Spain, Moroccan accommodation is reasonably priced. Local guide books will give you the best travel options for this city.

A visit to Demnate brings you close to the magnificent High Atlas Mountains. Anywhere you turn your eyes, you can see the scenic beauty of the area. One of the stunning sights is the natural stone arch that looks like a bridge crossing across a gorge. There is a small cave that you can walk through to the other side. Explore the bottom and you will see the power of nature as it carves the sides while leaving an arch at the top.

If you are strong enough for the long way down the gorge and up again at the other side, the experience is exhilarating. Stand on the natural bridge to see the valleys below.

Demnate has been known to produce the best olive oil in Morocco. These olive trees are already a century old. The oil that they produce has a golden color with traces of mineral salts that make it the best olive oil. Almonds are also grown in the area. Visit Morocco in the month of March and enjoy the fragrance of the orchard blooms. The Miel dAtlas, a rare kind of honey, comes from the bees around the hillsides.

Make your visit during a market day and smell and see a fusion of fruits, vegetables, and other products that are usually sold in a rural market. Everything is fresh as proven by the vivid colors and aroma that engulfs you once you are close to the display.

Hiking and biking in Demnate can be exhilarating as you pass stunning views that can only be seen in this place. Follow the trails to Iwaridene where you can see footprints of dinosaurs in the red-colored rocks. These reptiles were long gone but they become alive in this secluded part of Demnate.

Leave behind the noise of a bustling city and take the bus to Demnate where the wonders of nature await you. The peace and quiet of this place make it one of the best places to enjoy your solitude.

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